What is Yoga in Bangkok ?

When I arrived in Bangkok, I decided to change my lifestyle. I just had a baby and it after the first months, it was also a good opportunity to get back to a healthy activity. I already practiced yoga in the past but only during precise periods, mostly holidays. I knew before coming Bangkok that there was plenty of yoga studios and that the offer was really fantastic.

After testing many studios, I decided to create this site to help people who are wondering where to go on a regular basis or for a few days in Thailand. Here, most of the studios are happy to welcome newcomers and tourists and propose drop in classes. There are many different types of yoga and most of the popular yoga styles are available in Bangkok. You can practice hatha yoga, vinyasa, yoga fly, hot yoga (bikram), etc. With Yoga in Bangkok, you’ll be able to decide which type of practice is the more suitable for you and therefore focus on the right yoga. Some people want a more physical activity, almost fitness-like… some others prefer breath techniques, an internal practice, or even a medicinal way of practicing.

I also wanted to propose a local database. I went to most of the places I’m talking here. I know that when you live in Sukhumvit area or in Sathorn and you have a busy day, you want to practice yoga when you can and near your place. It’s tough to fit in your daily routine but it’s necessary to get all the benefits of it. That’s why you’ll find also local guides per areas.

Overall, I really enjoy practicing here for many reasons and one of those is that there are a lot of differences from one yoga studio to the other. I like to practice in different ones and I’ll probably decide soon which teacher to follow but I haven’t decided yet.

I hope you’ll enjoy this guide. If you have any question, please write me in the comments or directly to me in the contact page.