About me

I’m Louis, a parisian traveler who decided to settle in Bangkok. I live in Bangkok for now over a year and half and I live with my family in Ari, Bangkok. I decided to change my lifestyle after 35 years in Paris and some time traveling around the world, mostly in Asia and South America. I ended up in Thailand and especially in Bangkok for many different reason. The most important one is that the way of life suits me. That’s where I began to truly practice yoga.

Change your routine, practice yoga !

Bangkok is an awesome city and with this change of lifestyle, I decided to switch a lot of stuff, including the practice of yoga. You’ll find in this site a lot of information that i hope will help you in your practice in Bangkok. You can see the reasons i built Yoga in Bangkok here.

I’m not a professional yogi, far from it. I’m more of a rookie but I’ve had the opportunity to practice in many different countries in the world and to test many different styles. The most interesting thing is to find the way that fits you best.