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Bikram Yoga explained

You might have heard about Bikram Yoga. It’s very popular worldwide and became a yoga phenomenon. You can learn more about the history, Bikram Choudury and the global concept of Bikram on this page.

I wanted to share you here a dataviz summing up the main elements you need to know regarding Bikram.

bikram yoga data

The basics of Yoga Bikram

4 elements to remember :

  • 26 postures

26 postures always the same, and always repeated in the same order. The whole concept is based on what each pose bring to the body

  • 90 minutes courses

No more, no less. You can feel it’s a bit long, especially at the beginning of your practice, but it’s needed to go deeper in the postures. The second part is usually less engaging.

  • 105 fahrenheit / 40 degrees celsius

That’s why it’s called hot yoga. It can be a bit suffocating, but if you’re feeling dizzy because of the heat, take a brake and rest.

  • 40% humidity

Humidity is required to help your body go beyond where you think you can go. Heat and humidity help on this and bring you to stretch more easily.

Male vs Female

A funny information of the dataviz : 72% of the yogi practicing Bikram Yoga are female. Not sure if that’s more than regular yoga. It seems so when I compare to the courses I attend in Bangkok.

Bikram benefits for your body

According to Bikram supporters, the activity will help you in many way.

For most people, practiving Bikram will help your blood circulation and your flexibility. It makes sense considering the effort it needs, the postures and the fact that you push yourself to the max.
Backpain and respiration come afterwards. I’m surprised to see the help on stress quite low on the benefits since that’s one of the benefits I enjoyed the most from Bikram yoga.

If you haven’t tried it, just take a trial, you might discover a complete different way of practicing yoga. You can find yoga studios practicing Bikram or Hot Yoga here :

Absolute Yoga

Lullaby Yoga
Life Center Branch : 1 South Sathorn Road,
Life Center at Lumpini, Sathorn Bangkok 10120

Rana Yoga
Green connect , soi sawatdi , Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok, Thailand

Different studios in Silom, Thong Lor, Phloen Chit, etc.

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