10 yoga resolutions to begin the year 2018

With the new year arrived, we all decide to take some good resolutions. You might have decided to include yoga in these. Here are a few ideas of resolution that will help you in your yoga practice.

1. Practice your yoga more often

Yoga is a matter of practice and regularity is one of the key factor to progress. Adding one session per week or every 2 weeks would be a very good step forward.

2. Sleep & rest

Often overlooked, the rest period is almost as important as the training period. As you get back in your practice, or even if you’re practicing intensely, you can focus more on the rest. Some “you” time to rest at home, some long nights to fully rest your body… Your yoga practice will benefit from this.

3. Practice a different yoga

Whether you’re a Vinyasa addict or have subscribed to a bikram yoga club, you might have a regular practice of a particular activity. It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try something different as a complement. This might give you a new point of view for your regular practice.

4. Eat better

Beginning of the year is a good opportunity to begin a new way of eating. Remove one kind of bad aliments, try being vegan for 30 days or 1 full day a week, introduce a new good food, try the trendy Poke bowls… there are many ways to enhance your nutrition. You can check here some yoga snack ideas.

poke bowl yoga food

5. Gear up

Spoil yourself (but not too much). A beautiful nice yoga mat or a new tank top is a nice way of renew your routine of practice. Taking pleasure in your yoga can also be very sensitive and the gear is also a part of this.

6. Try a complementary sport

Even if yoga is a very complete practice, you might find something different to help you. Swimming is a good example as it is quite gentle with muscles and will work your body as a whole. With all the swimming pools in Bangkok, it’s usually not so hard to find. Pilates or Barre are also great and fun to practice.

swimming for yoga

7. Organize a yoga retreat

It’s fantastic to take some time to focus entirely on your yoga. Retreats are a great way to spend all energy on this and make great progress as well as feel better. Many retreats are available in Thailand and in South East Asia. I made a selection of the best yoga retreats in Koh Samui, have a look.

8. Disconnect

We all are more or less addict on our social media timelines, emails etc. One of the good resolutions could be to disconnect. Not completely, but regularly and for a limited time. 1 day a week could be a good thing for your mind, anxiety and also your time. You’ll be amazed by the time you earn when you’re not on your phone.

9. Create a new morning routine

While i’m not a fan of the “wake up at 5am” routine, you can try to create a new spot for an activity (yoga or not). A “you” time in the morning where you have a new positive routine : breakfast, meditation, quick yoga session, etc.

morning routine

10. Stop one activity

As you want to do more (yoga or else), you need to choose to stop something. To choose is to renounce and sometimes, say no to something is saying yes to something else. I definitely keep that quote from Patrick Rhone up in my mind as I believe he’s absolutely right. The time is a limited value and a new year is also a way of putting some hierarchy in what you do… and choose to remove what’s less important to you.



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