The best yoga studios in Bangkok

As you probably know, I tried many yoga studios in Bangkok. I’ve had the opportunity to take different courses of different kinds of yoga (hot yoga, vinyasa, hata yoga, yoga fly, etc) and today, i’m proposing my personal favorite so that you can check the Best yoga studios in Bangkok.

Disclaimer : I truly believe yoga is a personal path and that what spoke to me might be different than what you’re looking for. I tend to prefer smaller studios with a strong connection with the teacher. This is a very personal post and i’ll keep updating it if I believe some things have moved or if I discover another yoga studio that earns the place on the podium.

3 – OMMO studio

Located in a small street around Chong Nonsi, OMMO Studio provides primary group cycling courses which is something that seems quite popular in Bangkok. But they also propose yoga classes which worth the detour. I really liked the care that the teachers are offering pushing you gently to do better every times. Plus, they offer rooftop yoga ! ROOFTOP YOGA !

ommo studios rooftop yoga

2- Trika Yog

Trika Yog has one of the most beautiful studio I’ve seen in Bangkok. It’s spacious and the big room used for Fly Yoga is gorgeous. I also really enjoyed taking courses with teachers such as Nat. The courses are demanding and very deep but completely rewarding. I didn’t attend courses with Aman who runs the school but I probably will in the future. I often see that these courses are really crowded so be careful with the 6pm courses.
For more information please read the full review of Trika Yog.

trika yog asana bangkok

1- Yoga Elements

After a few courses at Yoga Elements with different teachers, you can definitely feel the dedication that is put every hours and in every asana. That’s to me what’s selling the studio. On top of that, the place is really peaceful and neat. The view on the BTS  is inspiring and the amenities are nice. I like also that it’s pretty close from the BTS Nana which makes it completely practical and makes the commute easy. To me it’s the my favorite and so one of the best yoga studios in Bangkok.
For more information please read the full review of Yoga Elements.

yoga elements bangkok

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