The perfect yoga snacks : my ideas

Nutrition is fundamental for your life and for your life balance. Such as yoga, the nutrition will help your body to feel better and to ease a lot of pains. As you practice yoga, the nutrition will usually flow quite naturally as you will get more in touch with your feelings, your needs and you will tend to more natural and healthy food (at least, that’s what happened for me).

As you’re practicing, I propose to list here a few yoga snacks that you can easily buy or cook before or after your yoga session.

Before the yoga session

You can have a snack before your session but you can choose the best one depending on how many time you have.

2 hours before the session, you haveĀ  time to digest carbs. You can take a whole grain toast or a granola mix (you can make it home made, even better), it will help you feeling hungerless during the practice.

granola bowl perfect for yoga snacks

1 hour before, you can go with a banana to give some strength and immediate sugar + full of potassium. Easy to buy, you can grab one on your way. You can also have it after your session to recover.

Which yoga snacks after the session ?

Just after I shower, I usually am really hungry when I practice after work. I run into a 7 Eleven (quite easy to find one in Bangkok eh) to get a boiled egg. This is an affordable and easy snack that will give you a good amount of protein. If you already consume a lot of eggs, be careful with the egg yolks as it can be bad for your cholesterol.

greek yoghurt

When I get home and feel lazy or up for something sugary, I go for a mix of greek yoghurt and honey. The Greek yoghurt is a very good source of protein and natural honey the best sweetener.

Avocado ! While avocados are not the easiest vegetable to get in Bangkok, I sometimes crave for some and make them with toast or wrap. You can find some organic avocados coming from Chiang Mai. For yoga snacks, it’s just perfect ! Love it.

If you read the blog regularly, you know that the re-hydration is really important (see the article about the sore muscles after yoga). While I like the classic mineral water, i also enjoy very much the coconut water. It’s now pretty easy to find everywhere and not so expensive. Coconut water is also filled with potassium and is fantastic to quench your thirst.

Did i hear hummus ? YES ! I mix hummus and raw vegetables as it’s really enjoyable and satisfying. The hummus do mix carbs and protein, and is a great complement to the veggies (like carrots).

I don’t like the concept of “cheat meals” but I also love going for some street food in Bangkok. At one point, it doesn’t make sense to live here and not to take advantage of all the possibilities !

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