Yoga accessories in Bangkok

If you’re a yoga addict, you might need to upgrade your gear from time to time. Of course, you can find all the yoga accessories you need to practice yoga in Bangkok : there are some specific et specialised yoga shops, but you can also find some stuff on general sports shop.

Multi sports shops

Yoga is now so popular in Bangkok that you can easily find some accessories in more mainstream sports shops. For example, you can find yoga mats at Super Sports, a big store located in over 15 malls in Bangkok.

yoga mats

Specialised shops

Many yoga studios diversified their revenue by selling some yoga accessories to their students. That’s very practical as you can sometimes try them before buying them. This includes yoga mats, yoga blocks, bags, studio t-shirts, leggings for women, etc.

A lot of yoga studios propose that but you can definitely find a small shop at Trika yog, Yogatique or Yoga Space.

Online buying

Another choice is to buy online your needed gear. You can check for exemple :

yoga blocks

For these online shop, i’d advise you to consider the quality of the materials and the brands you want to buy. A cheap gear can be very unpleasant and terrible to use.

What would i recommand ?

First of all, I would not recommand to rush. Take your time and go slowly… same as your practice. All of the classes I attend do not require to come with your own yoga mat so don’t feel pressure on buying one. I end up using mine mostly for my private practice at home.

Considering the gear, I’d clearly take in consideration the practice I do. If i take regular classes of hot yoga, then you need technical gear that will help you evacuate the sweat. For Hatha or Vinyasa, you can use more regular clothes either really tight or more wide, depanding on how you like it.

Overall, women have much more choice than men regarding the specialised gear. No leggings or yoga pants for you mister. For men yoga accessories, I’d mostly focus on general sports shops for technical tops and a nice short pants.

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