Guavapass Bangkok : access (almost) all yoga studios

You might have heard about it. Guavapass is a recent company founded in 2015 that proposes a new way to practice sport accross Asia. They launched their service in Bangkok last year and it’s definitely a solution that can fit a yogi : a lot of yoga studios are now members and can be selected, from Lad Phrao to Bang Na.

Beside Bangkok, Guava Pass is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.

What is Guavapass Bangkok ?

Feeling sporty ? Guavapass lets you practice many different sports, as much as you want for a definite monthly fee. You can book your online on their website or via their mobile app and attend courses of yoga (of course) but also of fitness, crossfit, muay thai, pilate, you name it. One thing though, on my opinion, it was very woman oriented.

It’s pretty convenient as a lot of studios are part of the program in all areas of Bangkok. The website is well designed and you can easily filter the discipline you want, the area and the timing.

This “buffet” style for sport let you book as many courses as you want but not in all studios (i’ll explain below in details). Basically, if you’re ready to try a lot of spots, it might be the right solution for you.

Advantages and inconvenients of Guavapass

There are a lot of advantages with this formula, but there are also a few cons. Let me explain in details.

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  • You can really practice every day

No problem there, you can find really a LOT of open studios for yoga, but also for other sports. There is a lot of openings and I never got myself in a situation where I couldn’t find a lesson if I wanted to practice.

  • It’s really easy to proceed

I you have a smartphone (who doesn’t in 2017 ?), the app will be very helpful. You just need to book at least an hour or two before the class begins and you’re up to it. It’s available on iOS and Android.
You can also book through their website. Also very convenient.

  • No hidden fees, but penalties

The price mentioned is what you’re going to pay. No additional tax, insurance or hidden fee. BUT you will get a “fine” if you book a lesson and do not attend (or cancel too late). I understand this is to avoid the “fake” bookings but you don’t get any missed chance. From the first missed course, you’re going to pay an extra 300thb.

  • Unlimited lessons but you limited for each studio

You can book an endless number of yoga lessons every month, no problem with that. But if you like a studio, you won’t be able to book more than 3 lessons per month. The consequence is that you’ll need to switch from studio to studio if you want have a daily yoga routine.

How much does Guavapass cost ?

Guavapass proposes 2 formulas when you register.
The monthly plan Guavapass let you pay on a monthly basis and you can unsubscribe when you want. The price is 3,699thb per month.

The 3 months unlimited plan is a minimum commitment of 3 months for a lower price of 3,399thb per month.

New : a starter package is now available at 1,699thb, letting you attend 4 classes a month (1 in 4 different studios). No commitment.

Which yoga studios are available ?

A lot of yoga studios are listed and members of the Guavapass. All over Bangkok. See the map below (this is all members, not just yoga). To name a few : Divine Yoga, Absolute Yoga, Trika Yog, Yogatique are available.

absolut yoga

guavapass bangkok members map

My experience with Guavapass

I used Guava Pass for several months last year and I must say that the formula is, in overall pretty interesting if you can afford it. As mentioned before, the experience with the telephone app is great and very convenient : you can book, amend and get all the information needed within a few tap.

It has been a great opportunity to try many different yoga studios : different styles of yoga (hot yoga, vinyasa, hatha yoga), discover different teachers, and also studios. All of them are very different and I believe this formula help you save a lot of time discovering the yoga you like and the studio that fits you (this is very important).

yoga fly

Another thing I liked was the fact of switching from one area to another. I tried many studios and didn’t create a routine. I have been to Ari, to Asoke and to Surasak. You don’t add another habit to your daily life. I liked that aspect but some people might not.

The main downside  for me was the price. I think it’s a bit expensive, but if you have a really regular practice, it might quickly become a good value for money.
The second downside was the lack of community building. When you have to change your studio regularly, you can’t really make friends or build a relationship with a community. If you don’t care and that’s not part of what you’re looking for, then perfect.

Who would I recommend Guavapass for ?

Yoga is very personal so I can understand that this particular formula would not suit every body. I would recommend it on a long term if :
– you have the opportunity to move in the city
– you are not attached to a particular studio (then it will be cheaper to subscribe it directly)
– you want to try something new
– you practice regularly

I would recommend it on a short term if :
– you’re new in Bangkok
– you want to test a lot of different styles of yoga
– you want to test a lot of different studios

If you’ve tried Guavapass, please leave a comment to share your experience.

More information on the Facebook page.

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