The best yoga studios in Bangkok

As you probably know, I tried many yoga studios in Bangkok. I’ve had the opportunity to take different courses of different kinds of yoga (hot yoga, vinyasa, hata yoga, yoga fly, etc) and today, i’m proposing my personal favorite so that you can check the Best yoga studios in Bangkok.

Disclaimer : I truly believe yoga is a personal path and that what spoke to me might be different than what you’re looking for. I tend to prefer smaller studios with a strong connection with the teacher. This is a very personal post and i’ll keep updating it if I believe some things have moved or if I discover another yoga studio that earns the place on the podium.

3 – OMMO studio

Located in a small street around Chong Nonsi, OMMO Studio provides primary group cycling courses which is something that seems quite popular in Bangkok. But they also propose yoga classes which worth the detour. I really liked the care that the teachers are offering pushing you gently to do better every times. Plus, they offer rooftop yoga ! ROOFTOP YOGA !

ommo studios rooftop yoga

2- Trika Yog

Trika Yog has one of the most beautiful studio I’ve seen in Bangkok. It’s spacious and the big room used for Fly Yoga is gorgeous. I also really enjoyed taking courses with teachers such as Nat. The courses are demanding and very deep but completely rewarding. I didn’t attend courses with Aman who runs the school but I probably will in the future. I often see that these courses are really crowded so be careful with the 6pm courses.
For more information please read the full review of Trika Yog.

trika yog asana bangkok

1- Yoga Elements

After a few courses at Yoga Elements with different teachers, you can definitely feel the dedication that is put every hours and in every asana. That’s to me what’s selling the studio. On top of that, the place is really peaceful and neat. The view on the BTS  is inspiring and the amenities are nice. I like also that it’s pretty close from the BTS Nana which makes it completely practical and makes the commute easy. To me it’s the my favorite and so one of the best yoga studios in Bangkok.
For more information please read the full review of Yoga Elements.

yoga elements bangkok

The perfect yoga snacks : my ideas

Nutrition is fundamental for your life and for your life balance. Such as yoga, the nutrition will help your body to feel better and to ease a lot of pains. As you practice yoga, the nutrition will usually flow quite naturally as you will get more in touch with your feelings, your needs and you will tend to more natural and healthy food (at least, that’s what happened for me).

As you’re practicing, I propose to list here a few yoga snacks that you can easily buy or cook before or after your yoga session.

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Yogatique in Asoke – Review

Yogatique is a quite new yoga studio located in a back soi of Sukhumvit 23, near Asoke BTS. Created by 2 farangs and nested under the roof of a small building, you can easily feel the homy atmosphere that Minh and Max are building in the studio.

yogatique yoga studio asoke bangkok

As there are many yoga studios in town, Yogatique decided to offer some specific things such as a real approach of yoga for beginners (Yoga Virgins classes) and for older people in addition to a vast amount of courses that are more usual. Proposing many different styles of yoga, Yogatique let his teachers follow his own vibes and style and propose different practices atmospheres in the different courses.

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Interview : Adrian Cox founder of Yoga Elements

We have had the opportunity to interview Adrian Cox, the founder and boss of the famous yoga studio Yoga Elements (BTS Nana). It was a chance for us to ask many question about his journey into yoga, his own practice and how he runs Yoga Elements.

First of all, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

My name is Adrian Cox, I am from the US, and I came to Bangkok in 2001 and started Yoga Elements studio. Yoga and teaching is my life work, my mission, and my passion!

How did you discover yoga in the first place (when did you begin?) ? Did you do other physical activities before that led you to yoga ?

I took my first yoga class 23 years ago but didn’t like it very much. It did get me curious however. At the time I was allergic to team sports, although I loved dance, karate, and cycling. The next teacher (Eve Nyman, Iyengar Yoga) I tried I really got switched on to the practice and philosophy and it started a passion that continues to this day.

yoga elements

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down facing dog

Sore muscles and yoga : how to deal with it ?

It’s not unusual to feel pain in your muscles the day after your yoga session. This happen often, especially if you pushed a little hard and especially if you haven’t practiced for a while. Why do you have sore muscles ? and how to prevent this… here are some answers to all your questions.

Sore muscles are normal after a yoga session !

As you’re practicing your yoga, you’re actioning your muscles in a way they’re not used to. You push and stretch a lot of muscles as you perform your session, and your body needs to react to that. The microtraumas that your muscles  suffer will create this stiffness that people call sore muscles of DMOS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

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Guavapass Bangkok : access (almost) all yoga studios

You might have heard about it. Guavapass is a recent company founded in 2015 that proposes a new way to practice sport accross Asia. They launched their service in Bangkok last year and it’s definitely a solution that can fit a yogi : a lot of yoga studios are now members and can be selected, from Lad Phrao to Bang Na.

Beside Bangkok, Guava Pass is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.

What is Guavapass Bangkok ?

Feeling sporty ? Guavapass lets you practice many different sports, as much as you want for a definite monthly fee. You can book your online on their website or via their mobile app and attend courses of yoga (of course) but also of fitness, crossfit, muay thai, pilate, you name it. One thing though, on my opinion, it was very woman oriented.

It’s pretty convenient as a lot of studios are part of the program in all areas of Bangkok. The website is well designed and you can easily filter the discipline you want, the area and the timing.

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Yoga accessories in Bangkok

If you’re a yoga addict, you might need to upgrade your gear from time to time. Of course, you can find all the yoga accessories you need to practice yoga in Bangkok : there are some specific et specialised yoga shops, but you can also find some stuff on general sports shop.

Multi sports shops

Yoga is now so popular in Bangkok that you can easily find some accessories in more mainstream sports shops. For example, you can find yoga mats at Super Sports, a big store located in over 15 malls in Bangkok.

yoga mats

Specialised shops

Many yoga studios diversified their revenue by selling some yoga accessories to their students. That’s very practical as you can sometimes try them before buying them. This includes yoga mats, yoga blocks, bags, studio t-shirts, leggings for women, etc.

A lot of yoga studios propose that but you can definitely find a small shop at Trika yog, Yogatique or Yoga Space.

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Yoga Elements – Review

Yoga Elements is one of the oldest yoga studio in Bangkok. Created in 2001, Yoga Elements worked hard to create a nice reputation and a powerful visibility without becoming a franchise. The place is nice and full of light with a direct view on the surroundings, making it a great place to enjoy a yoga session.

adrian cox yoga elements teaching

Adrian Cox, the founder of the studio is teaching daily and his path mixed yoga, ayurveda, philosophy and meditation.

The studio is located conveniently between Nana and Asoke right on Sukhumvit road. The studio is now praised by many different reliable sources and is a place to recommand if you live in central Bangkok. Even Lonely Planet ranked Yoga Elements as one of the Top 25 yoga studio in the world.

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Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is generally the first basic sequence of asanas that you learn. It’s pretty simple to execute and perfect to do at home as a warm up or cardio exercise. It also opens much of the longer series because it’s quite complete and soft but also powerful at the same time. It’s a routine that is usually used in most yoga studios in Bangkok. It introduces the lesson and is used as a warm up.

sun salutation on the beach

The symbolism of this Sun Salutation refers to the sun as the soul of all life. Usually 12 asanas are used in the basic sun salutations but some yogi adapt it to their practice and change a bit the different yoga techniques.

Personally, I love to practice this technique as it flows very easily. I don’t have to think while making it and can easily meditate at the same time. As the techniques are quite easy, I don’t have to put much effort in it. I focus on my breathe and free my mind.

It’s also called sun salutation because it’s better to practice this with an empty stomach. That’s where you’ll have the most benefits.

Yoga techniques of the Sun Salutation

sun salutation yoga techniques

1- Pranamasana or prayer pose

Health Benefit : heart
Join your hands between your shoulders, feet together and take a deep breath, and exhale.

2- Hasta Uttanasana or raised hands pose

Health Benefit : throat
As you breath in, extend your arms up and bend backwards.

3- Uttanasana or standing forward bending pose

Health Benefit : sacrum
As you exhale, bend forward with the spine erect, and let your arms follow, fingers touch your feet (or the ground)

4- Aekpaadprasarnaasana or equestrian pose

Health benefit : third eye
From the Uttanasana position, set your hands on the ground and push your right leg, power on the left knee looking up.

5- Adho Mukha Shvanasana or downward facing dog

Health benefit : throat
Push the left leg behind and position your feet flat. Push on your hips to create a mountain, shoulders relaxed. Focus on the hips.

6- Ashtanga Namaskara or salute with eight limbs

Health benefit : solar plexus
Down your knees, chest and chin on the floor, keep your butt up.

7- Bhujangasana or cobra pose

Health benefit : sacrum
Push forward and lift up your chin. You butt will go down and your chest will go up.

8- Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward facing dog

Just gently move your butt up to get back to the position.

9- Ashwa Sanchalanasana or equestrian pose

Same as number 4 but opposite leg

10- Uttanasana or standing forward bending pose

Back to uttanasana

11- Hasta Uttanasana or raised hands pose

12- Pranamasana or prayer pose

sun salutation yoga prayer pose

This sun salutation is a very good routine that you can easily practice home once you have experienced it with a yoga teacher. It has a lot of virtues and will help on the breathing as well. A very good introduction to yoga (and I can tell, this is the very first routine I experienced).